Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things That Go Bump In The Night: The Art of Kat Gun

Part alternative model, part macabre acrylic artist, Kat Gun has some serious chops. Hailing from Philadelphia, her paintings explores mortality and sexuality. She has participated in such shows as the Autumn Spell Show at Gallery 309, the PAWS Benefit Show, Art Basel Miami 2011, Aktion Gallery's 7Sins show, Necropolis at Cam Rackam's Congregation Gallery, and her solo show Les Petites Horrours at Digital Ferret. Her work contains of gore, skulls, and sexy women. And here she has told me in her own words her inspiration, process, and what's up next.

"Pretty Please"
acrylic on wood panel

Growing up I had a very hard time accepting death and mortality. I was convinced I was going to die before I woke every night, and had a very strange sense of mortality even very young. Much of my imagery over the years is me working through those feelings and finding almost a dark sense of humor in it all. My studio is covered in Halloween paraphernalia, skulls, artwork, and reference material. I also modeled for years, and the human body I find the ultimate organic thing of beauty, so have a serious love of studying and painting it.
I paint with acrylic paint that I thin with a mixture of slow dry mediums to make them super transparent, and paint layer upon layer. This means I basically paint and repaint a piece multiple times before it gets the depth that I'm looking for. I usually work darkest darks to lightest lights.. it helps to keep me conscious of which layer I'm on. I paint almost exclusively on wood panels- I love how smooth they are and how strong the surface is. I'm always working on multiple pieces at once, for I usually use so much slow dry medium in my paint mixtures that it takes a little time to dry. Oh, and very loud heavy metal playing is a necessity. ;)
Upcoming shows?
Well it's immediate, but this weekend (Saturday night) is the opening for the Sacrilege group show at Congregation Gallery in Hollywood. Next Saturday night (I think it's Feb 25th) is the opening for the Phobias group show at Gristle Tattoo up in Brooklyn, NY. I'm doing a Skate or Die show in March here in Philly (all the paintings will be on skate decks), and I'm doing the G40 which is a huge group show put on by ArtWhino. I believe that opens April 6th and is in Washington DC (or Richmond VA)

"I Speak in Verses, Prophecies, and Curses"
acrylic on wood panel

Check out more of her wonderfully dark work on her website:

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